AvalonST is proud to offer a spectacular continuous and extended spectrum with the unique LED-Hybrid solar simulator

5/8/19, 3:02 PM -

Neuchâtel-Switzerland: AvalonST, the high-end PV metrology company, releases their Nexun OneMT product line. AvalonST’s team is proud to present their latest LED-Hybrid solar simulator - meticulously designed in-house and focused on mass-market distribution with competitive pricing. "We target measurement accuracy,” says Marcos Barrigon, “Our team has introduced a completely new approach to the solar simulator playing field.”

Evolving LED system technology offers many benefits

AvalonST now offers a superior spectral deviation of just 15%. Thanks to its LED-Hybrid solar simulator technology, this is 15% better than what any Xenon product can offer. Their product provides a full, continuous, and flexible spectrum within the 300 – 1200 nm range. The Nexun OneMT is both fully compliant for IEC 60904-9 Edition 2 or 3 Standard. Thanks to its longer 500 ms pulse duration in a single flash, a whole range of measurement capabilities has been unlocked.

Compared to Xenon technology that offering only 17% spectral deviation at best, and traditional LED versions with a deviation of over 100%, the cutting edge AvalonST product is poised and ready for what lies ahead in the industry. Indeed, Barrigon feels that the future is in their technology. “With the incredible advantages over Xenon models, we believe that LEDs will take over in labs and production.”

High-efficiency PV technologies require more accurate measurement

Up until now, it has been a long-standing challenge in the industry to achieve a low spectral deviation. The result of AvalonST’s focus on the issue is now available to the public with The Nexun OneMT.

The Standard IEC60904-9 stipulates 6 wavelengths interval of interest to meet Class A+ Criteria for the spectral match within a spectrum range of either 400-1100nm or 300-1200nm. This criterion is easy to obtain using only 1 LED wavelength per wavelengths interval of interest.

The current module level uncertainties are above ±1.5% in leading laboratories, with manufacturers using calibration samples that are measured with an uncertainty above ±2%. After factoring in their existing uncertainties, the range extends beyond ±3% k=2, even using state-of-the-art Xenon systems. Says Barrigon: “The new PV technologies coming on the market are much more complex to measure, with an increasing level of uncertainty,” adding, “Just think of if you were measuring time, distance, or your financial portfolio with a similar level of uncertainty. Be smart about your simulator investment!”

New features add value, prepare the industry for the future

Often overlooked, thermal management is of utmost importance for LED stability. AvalonST has paid particular attention to maintaining their LEDs at a stable temperature, thus avoiding any related drift.

AvalonST has designed an automatic thermal chamber that allows for the evaluation of the thermal coefficients for the solar panels, as well as automatic NMOT matrix calculations.

Beyond the usual IEC60904-9 solar simulator classification and typical measurements, the Nexun OneMT LED-Hybrid solar simulator allows full light control. In turn, this unlocks an extensive array of new measurements, such as bypass diode check by uniformity modulation, multi-level irradiance, spectral modulation of daylight, specific junction measurement, and basic spectral response evaluation. All of these can be programmed within a single flash pulse of up to 500 ms on the AvalonST product.

Additionally, the LED light source guarantees a lifetime of 36’000’000 flashes. With minimum maintenance and lower consumable costs, the NexunOneMT is a smart investment.

With the Nexun OneMT, the industry now has access to the technology, accuracy, and longevity that they deserve. AvalonST has been rigorous in their approach to solving any previous LED shortcomings, while creating a solar simulator that surpasses any Xenon product.

Let’s enjoy the spirit of the Nexun OneMT and these performances!

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