Antaisolar was awarded Annual Best Performance Solar Racking Enterprise by Solarbe X CREC

11/5/18, 8:34 AM -

The 2018 "Guangneng Cup" CREC PV Industry Awards Ceremony was officially kicked off in Wuxi on the evening of October 31. As a leading solar racking provider in China, with excellent market reputation and project achievements, Antaisolar was successfully awarded the "Best Performance Solar Racking Enterprise of the Year" .

Committed to establishing industry benchmarks, taking stock of the industry's awards for the outstanding technology and enterprise of the entire PV industry, the “Guangneng Cup” CREC PV industry selection campaign has gone through seven years. It’s  not only the high-end stage of outstanding enterprises in the industry under the background of the Beijing "531" new policy, but also the largest-scale one that company participating since its establishment.


Based on 12 years of sensitive and effective overseas development strategies, Antaisolar has further enhanced its competitiveness in the global market. By actively expanding its customers at home and abroad, it has effectively consolidated important overseas markets such as Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and South America. This year, Antaisolar has set up offices in Australia, Brazil and other places, established an overseas regional agency system, and equipped with corresponding overseas logistics centers to further optimize the company's rapid response capability and service level. According to statistics, Antaisolar global accumulated solar racking export have reached more than 7.2GW, of which the Japanese region is over 3GW.