Antaisolar provided solar racking solution for serveral solar park in South America

11/4/19, 9:31 AM -

Recently, a 3.11MW ground solar plant project in Brazil is almost completed with a full suite of aluminum mounting system provided by Antaisolar. Combined with the local climate and ground conditions, the project utilized SC ground mounting solution which designed with highly pre-assembled and no need to install connectors between the supporting beams and the legs, which significantly reducing costs and installation time.

With brand influence, consistency and stability of product quality, and efficient teamwork, multiple South American PV projects adopted Antaisolar’s racking have also been successfully connected to the grid.

1:Project in Brazil——SC ground solar mounting system

2:Project in Chile——Pile ground solar mounting system

It’s well known that South America has good sunshine conditions for photography and develop rapidly with two GW-level markets in Brazil and Chile. Focus on solar mounting system for more than 13 years, with mature technology and product application experience, Antaisolar attaches great importance to the development of the South American market and the construction of a localized service system. Currently, Antaisolar has set up an office in Brazil to further develop Brazil and even the entire South American PV market with confidence.


With the increasing innovation and investment in solar tracking system, Antaisolar will support more local large-scale ground solar plants in the future and continuously promote the global service process.  Antaisolar will continue to output convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions, with excellent product quality and comprehensive services to ensure the benefits of PV station systems, and continue to create value for the clients.