Antaisolar provided solar racking for 34MW PV project in Japan

11/25/19, 7:14 AM -

The 34MW solar project is located in Hokkaido, Japan- a remote area with a slope of 0-20º. Combined with the local complex terrain environment, Antaisolar provided aluminum solar racking solution with E-W direction adjustable and ground screw foundation.

The adjustment range of 0~50º makes the installation on the slopes flexible and convenient, which greatly saves the construction time. Due to the different soil hardness on the slope, Antaisolar provided timely installation guidance to ensure the smooth processing, it’s estimated to be completed in December.



As the first solar bracket solution provider to enter the Japanese market, Antaisolar has accumulated in-depth cooperation with major Japanese companies with its continuous R&D investment, self-controllable production capacity by complete production chain and efficient teamwork. In the face of the bad climatic conditions such as typhoon, the PV plant utilized solar rakcing designed by Antaisolar has never collapsed. With excellent product quality, rigorous design, local offices and logistics center settings, Antaisolar has developed strongly in Japan, and provided solar mounting system to more high-quality boutique PV plant.





Antaisolar will continue to cooperate and exchange with Japan local enterprises and promote the localization process in Japan so that to offer convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions with excellent product quality and comprehensive services to ensure the benefits of PV station systems and continue to create value for the clients.