Antaisolar provided roof solar racking solution for the project in Port of Incheon, South Korea

7/26/18, 7:29 AM -

Recently, a 1.2MW roof solar power plant in Incheon Maritime Port of South Korea, which utilized Antaisolar solar racking, has completed the construction.

This solar plant project involves multiple relationships with the Central Government Maritime Administration and the Port Authority. Antaisolar is recognized by our client for the excellent quality and service so that we get this chance to show our strength . Now that the Korean government has given high priority to clean energy, the Incheon Port project has undoubtedly become a new momentum for Antaisolar's business expansion in South Korea.

The roof solar project located on trapezoidal roof sheet, which includes east-west pitched roof and a north-south pitched roof. Aimed at different angles of the roof, in order to maximize the power generation efficiency, Antaisolar engineers provided four installation solutions, including three tilt angle of triangle bracket. In this way, our solar mounting system ―― roof clamps coupled with triangle bracket――greatly simplifies the installation, which can reduce shipping and storage costs for the customer.

Since Antaisolar entered the Korean PV market, our various types of solar mounting structure has widely applied in this region. With our high quality and efficient solar racking solutions, we have been recognized and trusted by our customers. In the future, Antaisolar will continue to exert its strength in South Korea to support partners and customers to achieve the 2030 solar energy goal.