2nd Annual , Solar PV Asset Optimization Forum

1/19/20, 8:03 PM -

Solar PV Asset Optimization Forum, 2nd Annual of which is taking place in Berlin on 28-29 April 2020, covers all aspects of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Solar PV and its impact on solar energy optimization. The challenges associated with solar PV asset management are also on the agenda.

The 2nd Annual meeting promises two days of tailored, high interactive, information and peer to peer learning opportunities for solar O&M, strategies and methodologies in solar plant operation, solar PV operation and processes, and also effective maintenance of solar PV. The Forum will provide an insight on challenges involved in managing solar PV assets, effective ways of reducing the cost associated with the operations and maintenance of solar PV, identifying effective ways of solar PV utilization and identifying the key potentials of solar PV compared to other forms of renewable energy systems.


Some of the key themes to be discussed:


  • Importance of big data for solar sector. Use of Big Data to increase energy efficiency. Use of Big Data to advance the production of alternative sources of energy
  • Software and analytics platforms
  • Reducing Solar PV OPEX – The Difference Between Monitoring and a Solar ERP challenges and potentials for big data in O&M practices
  • Preventive maintenance. Corrective or Reactive Maintenance. Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Efficient management of a fleet of solar photovoltaic (PV)
  • Solar PV O&M products to optimise energy production and decrease LcoE


The Solar PV Asset Optimisation Forum will bring together decision makers, professionals, researchers and industry experts in one place to discuss the strategical insights and technological practices in Solar PV Asset Operation, Management and Maintenance.


To register at the 2nd Annual, check speaker line up and agenda please go to the event’s website https://bisgrp.com/event/solar-pv-asset-optimization-conference-berlin/


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