PV Guided Tours at Intersolar Europe: discover intelligent power electronics

4/12/17, 1:00 PM -

PV Guided Tours at Intersolar Europe 2017 and EES Europe in Munich (May 31-June 2) present the latest innovations in intelligent inverters and power electronics. Register soon since participants are limited. 

Intelligent power electronics are presented at pv Guided Tours at Intersolar Europe 2017 and EES Europe 2017 in Munich.
pv Guided Tours at Intersolar Europe and EES Europe: intelligent power electronics interact also with charging technologies for electric cars.

The inverters are the brain of a solar system, and they are the brain of a self-consumption system. Therefore innovations in this market are essential for plant planners, installers and project developers. From now on, the power electronics system not only controls solar strings and grid feeds, but also a concert from various local power suppliers (PV, CHP, fuel cells) and storage batteries (DC or AC).

Interacting with charging technology of electric cars

And they interact with charging technology for electric cars and vehicles, which are becoming increasingly important in the day-to-day work of the installer. All operating data flow into the monitoring, which is the basis for the reliable and trouble-free operation of the systems.

Daily ticket for Intersolar and ees Europe included

The groups will be guided by a competent editor or expert. Every guided tour takes around two hours. The starting point is the booth of both pv Europe and photovoltaik (hall B1, booth 209). The participation is possible after prior registration via internet. The registration includes a charge free daily ticket for the Intersolar Europe and EES Europe. Headsets are available by request (on bail or ID card). Our tour guide is specialized journalist Karsten Schäfer from Hannover. (hcn)

Get more information and sign up in time here: http://www.pveurope.eu/Info/Discover-Intersolar-Europe-and-ees-Europe-together-with-professionals

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