The pv Europe website offers a number of marketing channels for businesses to reach the following key group: solar installers, planners, wholesalers, architects and engineers.

Media Kits

English language website pv Europe

pv_Europe_media_kit_2017.pdf (3 MB) (English version)

pv_Europe_Mediadaten_2017.pdf (1.8 MB) (German version)

German language print magazine and website photovoltaik 

photovoltaik_media_kit_2017.pdf (3 MB) (English version)

photovoltaik_Mediadaten_2017.pdf (3.8 MB) (German version)


Bettina Mayer

Advertising Manager
phone: +49 711 63672-836

If you are interested in advertising on this online service or in the German magazine and photovoltaik website, please download the media kit for further information.

We also welcome all inquiries and look forward to working with you and your company in the near future.

Rudolf Beck

Order Management
phone: +49 711 63672-861

Detlef Fox

Sales representative USA
phone: +1 212 8963881


General Terms and Conditions 

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