Work in progress for creating a toolkit for the evaluation of RES and their penetration scenarios in Mediterranean islands

8/3/17, 2:33 PM -

International stakeholders and researches met in Zagreb for planning strategies and sustainable approaches

Mediterranean islands are largely dependent on imported fossil fuels to cover their energy needs and generate electricity. This imposes a heavy burden on island communities in terms of energy security, high-energy costs and environmental pollution.

The development of an integrated toolkit (based on a transnational approach), which will be able to assess and map Renewable Energy Sources (RES) for the targeted elaboration of energy scenarios of penetration in the electrical systems of the Mediterranean islands, is the main objective of the PRISMI project "Promoting RES Integration for Smart Mediterranean Islands ", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The toolkit will support the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP’s) to 5 study areas: the Akamas Peninsula (Cyprus), the islands of Korčula & Vis (Croatia), the island of Tilos (Greece), the island of Favignana (Italy) and the region of Gozo (Malta).

Along with the interim project meeting in Zagreb, Croatia on July 11th - 12th 2017, a networking technical session was organized where many stakeholders from universities, research institutes and various organizations supporting the islands on issues related to green development, smart grids, action plans and renewable energy share their technical knowledge and experience with the project partners in order to support the future activities.

Additionally, in the coming months, the toolkit will take its final form, therefore 5 regional engagement workshops are going to be held in each partner country with a view to raise wider awareness of islands’ RES potential, empower end-users to fully exploit project outputs (toolkit, SEAPs, PRISMI Network) and get appropriate feedback in exchange.


The culmination of these workshops will be the final project conference in April 2018 in Athens, the date of which will be announced later, on the website of PRISMI project.


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